Rev. Johnson was employed by the Prothonotarys Office in the Court System of Philadelphia for 28 years, leaving as the Deputy Prothonotary in 1993.
What appeared as minor and incidental, but was actually designed of God, was his Uncle Collin taking him to Manna Bible Institute where four years later he
graduated valedictorian of his class.  Starting in 1966, armed with the Holy Spirit, the Bible and a bullhorn, Pastor preached on the street corners of
Philadelphia each Tuesday and Friday evening during the summer months and each  Saturday night at Broad Meadows Prison near Cheyne State College;
a ministry that ended just three months prior to his call to Pastor Second Baptist Church.  Rev. Johnson was a member of Vine Memorial Baptist Church of
Philadelphia where he was the mid-week Bible Study Teacher for prayer meeting, he taught in the Baptist Evening Fellowship and the Sunday School for
young adults.  Rev. Johnson also taught at a Bible Institute located at 52nd and Baltimore ave.  Our pastor heard the call to the ministry in the year 1966.  
He preached his first sermonette at a afternoon service at Vine Memorial................He has been preaching ever since!  In 1971, he was licensed to Preach
the Gospel by the Late Rev. Dr. Leonard G. Carr at Vine Memorial.  In April of 1973, he was Ordained to the Gospel Ministry also at Vine Memorial by the
Late Rev. Carr.
Our Pastor, Rev. Frederick C. Johnson was born in Philadelphia to Thelma A. and the late William
Rufus Johnson.  While growing up he attended the Philadelphia School System.  One month after
graduating from high school, young Frederick suffered a lengthy illness and was hospitalized for one
year and three months.  After leaving the hospital he started singing and a group was formed called the
DelFonics.   He was first tenor and lead with another member of the group.  During the production of
their first release, Pastor Johnson began to experience a Call to the Gospel Ministry.  Not realizing this
Call, the Lord pursued him through much brokeness and personal hardship until he yielded to God and
received Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior.  God used a crowbar of personal brokeness and
suffering to pry him from the grip of the world and draw him unto Himself.
Rev. Johnson was summoned to preach at Union Baptist Church in Bordentown at which time he preached and exceptional sermon “Extra Extra, Read all about it!”   
Present at that service was the Pulpit Committee of Second Baptist Church of Burlington, NJ, whom the Lord used to invite the Pastor to preach a two week Revival Service at
Second Baptist Church.  This occurred July of 1975, Second Baptist was without a Pastor at this time. A meeting was convened and the Church voted overwhelmingly to call
Rev. Johnson as the Churches new Pastor.  In the month of Nov. and the year of 1975, The Rev. Frederick C. Johnson assumed the Pulpit and Office of the Pastorate of the
Second Baptist Church of Burlington N.J.
Pastor Johnson has enjoyed many spiritual accomplishments over the past thirty four years here at the Church.  The Church has sustained a steady growth. Currently, he can
be heard every Sunday morning preaching and teaching the gospel on Praise 103.9 radio station out of Philadelphia Pa.  The Pastor has either commissioned, Licensed,
Ordained, or Installed to the Pastorate forty one individuals, the First being the Rev. John E. VanLoan.  He has also licensed or ordained numerous  deacons.  Twelve women
were  licensed to the ministry, and in July of 1997, the first women in the history of our Church, Rev. Hilda Covington was ordained by Pastor Johnson.

On Aug 3, 1996  here at Christ Baptist Church our Pastor was united in Holy Matrimony to the first Lady, Angela Johnson.  This glorious celebration was officiated by the late
Reverend Fred & Reverend Juanita Davis of Shiloh Baptist Church, Easton Pa. They have two beautiful children, Naomi Nequeba and Jeremiah Frederick.
In the purchase of the land on which our Church is located, Pastor negotiated a special mortgage arrangement with the owner, the late Mrs. Angela Hollern, saving the church
464,000 dollars in interest.  That land is now paid in full.  In 1985 plans were commenced to begin a new Church.  After much hardship, ground was broken in Nov. of 1987, the
Pastors eleventh anniversary.   The banks mandated that he enter into a fifteen year employment contract with the Church to guarantee that the loan would be repaid.  It was
not until Aug of 1988 that construction was actually commenced because of problems with various municipal bodies.  The Church was complete in Sept. of 1989 but the
installation service did not occur until the First Lord’s Day of December of that year.  In keeping with the words of the agreement made with our Pastor he was able to move off
of Federal Street into a new home after the Church was constructed.  His desire being to put the Churches priorities before those of his own needs.  On October 17, 1998 our
mortgage was paid off twenty three years ahead of schedule! And  in the month of February 1998, during the Churches anniversary service, we had a mortgage burning
ceremony.  Commencing in the year 1998 at our annual Church meeting, the Pastor recommended a motion to the Church that the Second Baptist Church of the City of
Burlington be appended to read : Christ Baptist Church,  which was so moved and carried by a ballot vote of those attending.  The Church name is now appended to read
“Christ Baptist Church, The Second Baptist Church of the City of Burlington”.    

To God Be the Glory for the Great Things he has done.   
Rev. Frederick C. Johnson